Turn Your Grout From Gritty to Grand

Turn Your Grout From Gritty to Grand

We offer residential tile and grout cleaning in the Mobile and Dauphin Island, AL areas

Do you ever feel like the grout between your tiles makes your home look worn and gray? Southern Carpet Care does more than just carpets. We will scrub your tiles and the grout using tools made to get into every crevice between your tiles. We'll bring the whiteness and brightness of your grout back to the surface and leaving dirt behind.

Learn more about our tile and grout cleaning by calling 251-643-4038 today.

Let us lift the dirt out of your commercial grout

Our professional floor cleaning doesn’t stop at your home. Southern Carpet Care also offers commercial tile and grout cleaning in your:

  • Restaurant
  • Office
  • Apartment
  • Community bathrooms and kitchens

Whether the tile is ceramic, vinyl, or anything in between, trust Southern Carpet Care to help you keep it clean. Call us today for floor cleaning services in Baldwin, Jackson, and Mobile, AL Counties.